Sean Collinsworth …

is a standard of care expert in the operation of a bicycle, especially in urban environments. He provides bicycle expert witness testimony in collisions, falls and product liability cases. See Case Descriptions.

Deposed several hundred times. Has testified in civil court over 50 times and over 1000 times in criminal court. Never disqualified in court in either accident reconstruction or standard of care regarding operation of bicycles.

*Recognized P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) Subject Matter Expert in the field of police bicycle training and safety.

*Established state certified (P.O.S.T.) curriculum and safety guidelines for mountain bike police in California.

*Trained or lectured to over 2500 officers throughout the United States, from the Los Angeles Police Department in California to the New York Housing Police in New York City.

*Established bike patrol programs for dozens of police departments throughout North America. Originator of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department bike patrol program.

*Co-originator and lead instructor to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Departments P.O.S.T. Policing by Mountain Bike Course given by the Advanced Officer Training Unit.

Participated as a founding instructor and planning committee member to the League of American Bicyclists' Police Mountain Bike Conference in 1991 and 1992.

*Train, lecture, and advise in effective cycling and safety to corporations and municipalities; conduct testing and evaluation of new products.

*Train on road and mountain bikes under various road, weather and lighting conditions; average weekly time spent on bicycle: 24 hours.


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